Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Starting to have a bad day...

My car stereo is knackered. I can't plug my iPod thingy into the tape deck anymore (my car is double digits+ old. The iPod is probably worth more). So no more Ministry, Elvis Costello, Guns n Roses or Morrissey for me in the mornings to get me in the mood for work. (New World Order / Welcome to the Working Week, Welcome to the Jungle and of course, Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now were the tracks of choice. )

And I live in the middle of nowhere. The only radio signal I can get for most of my commute is some God-awful local station where they read the death notices and have ads for silage. Travelling to work is painful enough besides having to listen to that shite. It's the perfect way to begin a crap day.

So I have to make my own entertainment in the car.

I make up my own words to popular tunes and sing them at the top of my voice to drown out the clanking of my engine.

Current favourites are:
"Limerick, you're a slapper, your Shannon waters tears of blood they flow".
"I'm a civil servant and I'm OK" (a la Monty Python's Lumberjack song)
"Girlfriend with a Boner" - my tribute to the Smiths
"I'm Harney, Mary, Mary Harney" (ok this one stolen from Dustin the Turkey)
"I need a wee, I need a wee" sung to the tune of the Toreador's song from Bizet's Carmen, very handy when I'm caught short.

Jesus, I've just read back over this. What a fucking loony I am.

Alternative playlists invited!


galwaywegian said...

try to fit as many swear words into a verse of supercalifragilistic.... as you can>

Govstooge said...

Fuckityfuckityfuckityfuckitydocious? Meh. Atrocious.

Mary said...

how about welcome to the house of fun by madness