Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Conversations I had today

Exchange no. 1:

Govstooge (Grumpily, swiping ID badge on time clock at 8.00 am) : "Mornin'"
Clerical Officer (Too cheerily for this Godawful hour): "Ooh, hello, how are you this morning?
Govstooge (walking in the direction of the canteen): "I'll let you know once I have my coffee"
Clerical Officer: "Ok, we can't have you falling asleep in the office."
Govstooge: "Do you think anyone will notice the difference?"

Exchange no. 2:
(Following on from a discussion about Scientology and Tom Cruise)
Clerical Officer (a different one): "Isn't George Bush in some sort of cult as well?"
Govstooge: "Yes, you could say 'cult', but I think the actual word is spelt slightly differently."

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