Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Cultural Divide

I like the Statcounter thing I installed on this blog about a month ago. It provides me with excellent real-time statistics on the hits I receive. It gives fascinating insights into the random search terms Googled by people all over the world to lead them to me (bwahhahahahahahaha!). Most, however, are looking for the sort of things I don't provide, and their visit only lasts a nanosecond.

Most interesting are the differences between hits I receive from IP addresses in Asia/ Africa and those coming from Europe.

For instance, many people using Google from European domains search for things such as "Promotion to EO", "HEO Irish Civil Service", "PMDS", "Civil Service Shit" and "Civil Service Sucks". Now, I can provide insights on all of these. Particularly the last two. Oh, and someone once searched for "women peeing and crapping". Yes I am a woman, and I do use the toilet, but I don't have a live toiletcam in my ensuite. At least, not that I know of.

Visitors from Asia and Africa on the other hand, have searched for - almost daily, and from different countries each time - "boss fuck servant", "servant fuck boss" , "my servant fucked me". Sorry lads. No can do. I am a civil servant who wants to tell my colleagues and my boss to fuck off from time to time, but I'm not branching out into the master /servant porno stuff. But if any of you work for the civil service in your own countries, I'd be interested to know what kind of crap you put up with.

The visitor who had me rolling on the floor laughing was the person who googled "I had garlic last night now I stink at work". They were from the UK. Again, I could offer them nothing, other than a realisation that it helps to keep clerical staff at bay.


emordino said...

This is an excellent opportunity to break out my favourite graph ever.

Govstooge said...

Oo! StaFISTics! Those crazy Czechs. They must walk funny. There is nothing a government employee likes more than some meaningless figures to spout to prove a point. I can't wait to see the reaction at the next meeting when I slip that into the Powerpoint file. Hahahahahahaha. Welcome Emordino, and thanks for giving me something new to waste time on at work.