Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I work with some very weird people, as regular readers will by now have guessed.

However, the vast, vast majority of my section colleagues are completely normal, sociable, decent people, with whom I enjoy working very much indeed. (And no, none of them are reading this. If you are, GET BACK TO WORK! NOW! )

I was astounded, and hugely amused, by something one of my normal (ladylike) colleagues said today. Becoming increasingly irritated by the incessant commentary by another colleague on various non-work related matters as she attempted to concentrate on her work, she turned to him and said: "If you don't shut up, I will say two words to you, one has to do with sex and the other with travel."

What a novel way of saying "Fuck off!"

It's a pity she is not on leave for the next three working days, then she could have said "See you next Tuesday".

I suppose it's good to know that my swearing in the office isn't being seen as "Leading by example".

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