Thursday, May 22, 2008

Ne Partez Pas Sans Moi ...

... sang Celine Dion some 20 years back. The Eurovision has come a long way since then. (As for Celine Dion, je partirais sans elle, tout de suite! Run away!) I have to say though, when the opening bars of the Te Deum by Charpentier filled my living room at 8 this evening, I still felt that tingle of anticipation.

Even though it's changed drastically, almost beyond recognition (I mean, 43 countries over 3 nights? And no more "un point, deux points" voting as it would drag on for a week), I still love it and tonight was once again an audiovisual feast.

Tonight we had:
  • A man with a horse's arse opening the show. That was the worst birth defect I have ever seen. His hind legs weren't even working.
  • A terrifying Swedish singer. The song wasn't bad, but she scared the shit out of me! I was afraid all the plastic surgery would melt under the stage lights and leave her standing in a pool of silicon for the other acts to slip in or get stuck to.
  • PIRATES! YARRR! Singing, dancing Latvian pirates. And they got through. Huzzah.
  • A health and safety matter arising from a burning Bulgarian turntable.
  • Flat caps, as worn by Denmark and Macedonia. All they needed was a pint of warm ale and a whippet by their sides and you could call it the Yorkshire-vision song contest. Eyup!
  • And the interval act. Dancing zombies. Again - Huzzah.
Yes, it was another night of silliness and dodgy costumes. But it had pirates and zombies, so that's a big thumbs up to the evening from me.

As for my favourite to win, I think Finland are good, but no doubt one of the Eastern European folk will get the prize.

Don't know if I can sleep tonight. Cheese before bed was a baaad idea.


Rosie said...

and to think i spent the evening watching Indiana Jones.

Mary said...

Isnt Latvia a land locked country - pirates????

We should put ' my lovely horse' as a Eurovision entry

Govstooge said...

Come on, whips and boulders and Nazis have nothing on zombies and pirates! OK, maybe Nazis. I'm going to that next week myself. Too much Eurovision fun this week!

Latvia does have a coastline! (I had to look it up though.)