Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Achilles Heel

A random canteen conversation revealed my Achilles heel to some COs today.

It was a perfectly normal conversation about Goths and other teenage trends. Until it turned to the subject of piercings.


Fuck it, there's nothing that nauseates me more than the thought of piercings. I have never even had my ears pierced. The very idea of poking metal through my earlobe gives me the willies. (I can cope with big fuck-off needles at the dentist though, oddly enough.)

One friend likes to get revenge on me if I'm being obnoxious by shouting "PIERCED NIPPLES!" at me to make me shut up.

People with tongue piercings make me want to yak. Bleargh.

So now the COs have ammunition to use against me if I piss them off. Feck anyway.

Mind you, all I have to do is shout something like "CANTEEN SAUSAGES", "ROLE PROFILE FORM" or "DEAD PEOPLE" back at them.

Yes, it's a new game we've invented. Actually, I've invented it. I'm the boss, and can do whatever the hell I want.

Nausea Tennis, I'll call it.


Rosie said...

oh, you'd love me in that case...

Govstooge said...

As long as no-one sends me pictures I'll be grand, ie not picking chunky soup out of my keyboard for a week...