Monday, January 19, 2009


Lots of it fell from the sky today. It brought dozens of civil servants to the windows, where we gazed out, rapt and speculating - will it stick or won't it?

It didn't. It turned into brown slushy mush within an hour.

But most folk were sensible enough to have dressed for the weather. I myself was attired in a warmly lined leather jacket coupled with an enormous scarf and a big wooly hat. I look like someone about to go a-burgling when I'm in that gear. But it's comfortable! (I am one of these people who choose function over style at all times.)

And so, too, was the anorak type coat favoured by one of our more corpulent colleagues. Putting it on to go home, she moaned, "Why do we have to wear all these clothes"?

I squirmed, picturing the alternative, and retorted, "Well, just think of what would happen if you didn't wear any. You would end up in prison."

My colleague looked around her and said, "I thought this was it?"

This was the highlight of what was otherwise a very shitty day during which I was for the most part in bad humour.

Coming home through areas where snow did lodge - before dark, I was able to enjoy white fields and conifers sprinkled with delicate frosting.

Shame it doesn't last. It gives us something new to talk about.

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