Thursday, January 8, 2009


This cold weather is great. I'm a big fan of proper winter weather like snow and frost. (Though, not, obviously, of dangerous roads and old folk dying of hypothermia.)

Looking out the window first thing in the morning, everything is dusted with lovely glittery frost. The water I pour on the car to remove the ice doesn't do a very good job, preferring instead to freeze instantly into some fantastic reticulate patterns around the edges of the windscreen. Then, as the day goes on, there's some sun to enjoy during a lunchbreak walk.

In the Department, colds and sniffles are abounding. I have recovered from my illness, and am deriving some small amusement from those of others. The window war is in full throttle. One colleague wants it open, just a tiny crack, as the sun is turning the place into a greenhouse, even in these temperatures. Another colleague jumps up, races to it and slams it shut, complaining of a sore throat, which, in all probability, is caused by the stuffy germ-breeding atmosphere in the first place.

The work's not too bad either, if I don't mention PMDS.

Still, glad to have a job. Getting my P45, defaulting on the mortgage and having to move back in with my folks would be a fate worse than having to do PMDS for the entire Department while hanging upside down over a cauldron full of Brussels sprouts with Daniel O'Donnell's greatest hits playing in the background.

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