Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Not-so-Great Escape

It's a colleague's birthday later this month. They're very excited at the prospect and there is much hinting to the section in general about presents, cakes and other such silliness.

I have promised to bake a cake. And I'm going to put a file in it. Like in the old prison escape stories, where a visitor would bring a cake to the prison and the inmate would eat the cake and use the file to saw - very slowly - through the bars. The cake would have to be a Victoria Sponge or similar (rather than a big creamy chocolate one) in order to not make the inmate too fat to squeeze through the gap in the bars. The file would have to be of a size large enough not to be inadvertently swallowed by the prisoner, as then the escape would be delayed by a couple of days until the cake and file are pooed out.

Except we're civil servants, not inmates of a penitentiary. So the file will have to be one of those hanging ones for filing cabinets, and it'll be full of old forms.

Can't wait to see the look on my colleague's face.

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