Monday, April 28, 2008

Shi(r)t Happens...

I'm rubbish at domestic things.

Today I destroyed a brand new (3 week-old) shirt. It came from a posh label and set me back a good few more quid than my usual Penney's or Dorothy Perkins apparel.

A stray sock got in with it (its very first wash, having only been worn for the first time on Friday) and my other light coloured things and discoloured the collar a murky shade of pink. Even though I had one of those sheets that catch runny dye (on the off chance that a red sock got in there - I am notorious for this) in the machine, the shirt collar decided to relieve it of its responsibilities.

A swift application of colour run remover, and what was once a blue and white striped shirt is now pale pink and green on an off-white background.

And I didn't have any gloves, so the eczema on my left hand is starting to throb. Must resist the itch!!

Bugger anyway. So much for my fancy notions.
Yes, I'm going to complain. I can't not complain. It isn't in my nature. But in the meantime, it's back to Penney's for me. Where I belong. But not on a Saturday, life's too short to spend three hours queuing.


Rosie said...

on a completely unrelated note, i've just hailed you as my new hero over at mine. your blog's great.

even if your housekeeping skills aren't.

Govstooge said...

Thanks for the praise Rosie. To be compared with good old Flann/ Myles / Brian and his Cruiskeen Lawn column is high praise indeed. Welcome to the fold.