Monday, April 21, 2008

Further reasons why Govstooge should not be in charge of anyone...

Since undertaking certain new duties at work, I have come to believe that I am a really, really crap manager. I hardly set a good role model for anyone. Nor do I inspire confidence in those I have been assigned to lead. Today, I flouted all the common precepts of what it takes to be a good manager.

I openly admit complete ignorance of some procedures. Omniscience and the authority that goes with it have, sadly, evaded my grasp, as has any confidence my staff might have had in me. I realise that I am at the foot of a very steep learning curve and I can only gain in knowledge, but I have never been able to bluff my way to making others believe otherwise.

I swear too much. Today for instance, when a computer program I was trying to execute (oh yeah, for that is the word, all right) failed, I slammed my keyboard against the desk, shouting "Fuck this fucking bastard system and all who designed it! Fuckity fuck fuck fuck fuck!" The reaction from colleagues was a mixture of amusement and complete alarm.

I scowl and mutter at the HEO. I think, for the first time, that my boss is now scared of me.

Apart from the above, I have started muttering to myself. Usually swearing, like when I am about to leave in the evening and I look out the window to see what the traffic is like, and I see it backing up as far as I can see, I am often heard muttering "Fucking stupid bastards. Who the fuck needs to go to Dunnes Stores every single fucking day of the week?"

The applications for transfer out of our section, I imagine, will increase exponentially in the coming weeks. I know that only the section's resident weirdos will stick it out until the end.

May God have mercy on us all.

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