Friday, April 11, 2008

Waste of Space

When we did a clear out of our office recently dumping old forms, boxes, envelopes belonging to the office nut with weird things written on the backs of them, the guy who came up from Facilities Management to take them all away asked us if we had any old HEOs that needed dumping.

What do they do with these old HEOs I wonder? Do they incinerate them, give them to charity, or do they just leave them to moulder in the basement along with the CRT monitors they just can't bear to part with?

I have a door in my house that needs propping open from time to time. A defunct HEO would make a nice doorstop for this purpose. I wonder if I can get one. And when the door is closed the hot air coming from the HEO would make the room nice and toasty warm.

The only thing is I'd have to get volume control for it, otherwise I'd never hear the telly.


Serial said...

How about one of those little cartoon books that you find in people's bathrooms - '101 uses for a defunct HEO'

Govstooge said...

Yes I have the 101 uses for a dead lawyer one. I think I just need to make some crude changes and republish as my own.