Sunday, October 5, 2008


Poor Girls Aloud.

A fairly harmless girly band, the sound of which is less offensive to my ears than others of their ilk. They didn't deserve this:

Some weirdo blogger in the UK has been writing fantasy porno articles about doing horrible things to those girls. He has been prosecuted under the Obscene Publications Act for publishing material which could "deprave and corrupt" all who read it. It is the first prosecution for written material for some considerable time.

Guess what the writer's job is?

Go on, guess.

Lest I fall foul of our own Censorship of Publications Act, 1967, I wish to apologise in advance to anyone who has made rude noises at work/ kneecapped someone with a desk drawer/ swore loudly into a big pile of forms as a result of reading my blog.

But I also want to say to them: Get your own twisted ideas, you unimaginative gits!

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