Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Can life get any better?

Tuesday 14th October 2008.

Wonderful day. Torrential rain, increased taxes to look forward to and the bloody NCT.

My day:
8am Start at work. Coffee, scowling, ranting and then forms.
9am Realise my NCT is this evening and not tomorrow. Feck.
11am Long, long tea break. Much bollocks is discussed.
Lunchtime: Waste it on the internet, looking up Budget stuff. It's pissing outside and I didn't wear my wellies to work today.
4pm Swim to the car and go to the NCT centre. (Actually I can't swim so it was more floundering - If any of my staff are reading this, we are NOT having the Christmas do at the local swimming pool. )
6pm Arrive home, make myself a Prozac smoothie and settle down to watch the Budget. (Discovered that if I forego canteen coffee I can save the cost of the 1% levy.) Jesus fucking Christ.

At least the car passed. And Desperate Housewives was on tonight. And the HEO left me alone. And Brian Lenihan left the price of beer alone so that's not so bad either.

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