Saturday, March 1, 2008

Has it been ten years?

I realised yesterday that it's been ten years since the death of Dermot Morgan. Ten years! I am still watching Ted and listening to my Scrap Saturday CDs and chuckling to the point of involuntary urination.

I was hoping to make it to TedFest this year, above all years, and have been in the general vicinity, but just didn't get round to it. It's a pity because I had my nun outfit all pressed and ready. I love Father Ted. It's the best comedy of all time. I know most of the scripts almost by heart. I email my colleagues with a picture of Mrs Doyle when it's time for tea break. I have gone to the Craggy Island Parochial House and have a cheesy picture of myself outside it. My friends and I have had many TedFests of our own.

And Scrap Saturday? Ok, not topical any more, but still a work of genius for those of us who remember the events of the early 90s. What would he make of Bertie's accounts, gangland crime, Iraq and the proliferation of drugs in our towns and cities?

RIP Dermot. Your unique brand of satire is sorely missed in an Ireland badly in need of laughing at itself.

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