Saturday, February 21, 2009

More Civil Service Maths

Honestly, these are the kind of things they should be asking questions on in the aptitude tests for EO competitions.

The ineptitude of a CO is directly proportionate to the likelihood of their trying to come round you to scab some extra time off. If the plan to get time off becomes increasingly complicated, then the aptitude for performing routine tasks satisfactorily declines proportionately.

CO+EO = performance review meeting
EO + HEO = Performance review meeting / plotting against certain COs
CO+ HEO - EO = CO doesn't like EO but needs a manager to sign a form for them.
CO+HEO-EO*(HEO + EO) = HEO tells EO anyway and EO gets pissed off at CO.
CO+EO / HEO = EO gives CO a bollocking with backing of HEO
CO+CO+CO = Bitching about managers

Ok, they're not very good, but I never said I was John Nash...

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