Saturday, February 14, 2009


Blogging is great (I almost typed "blooging" which made me laugh hysterically because it's a completely silly word). It connects you with other curmudgeons and sweary ranters from all over the world.

I discovered this morning that my blog is the latest to receive the Golden Umbrella Award ... all the way from Arizona.

It's a lovely honour, and I have a picture of a urinal to put on my blog now, which is perfect, given my obsession with all things toilet-related.

It's nice to know that my swearing and bitching are appreciated from so far afield. Thanks again, Umbrella (The cash prize is on the way, right?!?)


Umbrella said...

Beautiful speech, even if I didn't know what half of it meant. As for the cash prize, I think you said it best in your previous post. There's a recession on don't ya know.

galwaywegian said...

Well done! Read your acceptance speech and was glad to see there were no Paltrowesque teary moments!!