Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Ah yes, our friends in IBEC got their pound of flesh. Happy now lads? What a lovely pension levy. Thanks to the recent debacle, I'm now down 20 quid a week. Well, shite. I'm going to have to sell the Damien Hirst now to make up for that.

Ah well, sure don't we all have to do our bit? All of us PAYE workers? Public and private alike? I mean, something has to be done on behalf of the incompetent top brass, in the banks, FAS, etc etc. It must be lonely for them now that they've gone, with only enormous golden handshakes to keep them company?

In the next election, I will be voting for the garden gnome in my next door neighbour's garden. It has more charisma, ability and intelligence than any of the current muppets, be they in government or opposition.

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