Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Promotion time

No, not for me, worse luck. I could do with a promotion, or maybe just the extra money. I have a giant fucking mortgage. I have to wait until March 1st before I get my next pay rise under benchmarking.

I had to assess one of the COs for promotion to EO today. It involved filling out a stupid form with a list of EO competencies on it (eg managing and developing people) and assessing the CO using them - most of which haven't been displayed. That's not the CO's fault; it's just the nature of their job. When your job is primarily processing a load of boring bloody forms, filing, scratching your arse etc., how the hell can you get a chance to display supervisory competencies?

It's no wonder some clerical staff resent people like me who waltz into the civil service from university or the private sector and are immediately put in charge of people who have been in the job for years. I know I would.

I could have said "excellent" on the form for each of the competency categories, and wrote a load of twaddle about how great this person was at everything, but the form has to be signed off after me by the HEO, who I knew wouldn't accept it like that. Anyway, I wrote that they were fit for promotion nonetheless. Who am I, as a fairly ineffectual EO, to stand in someone else's way of promotion. I don't think I'd measure up to a lot of those competencies myself.

And anyway, the fucker annoys the shite out of me. I might get rid of them this way.

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