Thursday, October 25, 2007

How NOT to greet a civil servant....

... "How's the form?"

It can go two ways...

Response 1: *THUMP*

Response 2: "Quite good actually, we've added a few extra bits on personal details, like what flavour croissant people like to eat, what colour their bedroom is, what was their childhood imaginary friend called - actually now THERE's a thing, we are thinking of doing a survey of all the imaginary friends in the country, and combining the resources of the Garda National Immigration Bureau, Social Welfare, the CSO, Revenue and the Department of Health to weed these freeloading scumbags out once and for all. Because they're not paying tax, you see. Oh and what do you think of the colour of the form? I think shit-brown was a very nice colour to go for for the first five years, don't you? The form may as well reflect the confusion and depression people feel when they see it... err.. hello? Where did you go?"

I'm fond of the first option myself.

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