Thursday, March 5, 2009

Levy Blues and Amateur Cardiology

Today, the Pensions Levy manifested itself in its virulent form by launching scathing attacks on our payslips. The air was full of the voices of staff comparing the damages. I'm not sure why, but my take home pay isn't decimated to the extent of those of some of my colleagues. Maybe Payroll made a mistake and I will have to spend the rest of my life paying it back. Ulp. But calculating it manually, it makes sense. Lucky me!

I have a horrible feeling that in spite of industrial action, the levy is here to stay, and this is only the beginning. The likelihood of raised taxes for those us fortunate enough to still have jobs is rearing its ugly head. And maybe redundancies down the line. Who knows? The sheer magnitude of this country's financial mismanagement is growing by the day. I've started to resist watching the news and its nightly doomsaying of RTE's resident Apocalypse Forecaster, George Lee. I can't take it anymore. I might succumb to some terrible cardiovascular condition if I watch another five minutes. Even the weather forecast now reads like the Simpsons by comparison.

Speaking of cardiovascular conditions, this site has lifted one of my posts from about three months ago. And tagged it "Heart Disease, Signs, Symptoms".

Well, thank you, Doctor MacFUCK! Now the last time I looked, my laptop did not have a USB attachment for taking blood pressure and ECG readings in order to transmit them over the web. I imagine such a device would be useful, but I have enough leads coming out of my computer already, thank you very much. But your remote diagnosis is greatly appreciated. What treatment do you suggest, "Doc"? Virtual beta-blockers? Licking JPEG images of foxgloves so that I may benefit from the digital digitalis therein?

The failed academic/ author in me is somewhat flattered by the citation which turned up during a random search for sites linking/ referring to me (I'm bored tonight). However it doesn't cite the source. Which, according to any text on academic biblographies, may be construed as Plagiarism. I'm aware that writing material on the Web and having it openly accessible leaves one wide open to such abuses. Mind you, given that McFuck didn't even attempt to remove the "Govstooge" references from the body text suggests nothing more than a simple copy and paste exercise. That's an instant fail as far as my previous experience will attest. Knobjockey.

Think I need to lie down now. Where's my angina spray when I need it?

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