Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Powerful Alfresco Dining

I was at Electric Picnic last weekend. It was fucking excellent. Between the line up and the general friendly atmosphere, it was the best fun I'd had in a while.

And yes, as a desk bound fat arsed (nearly!) government employee, I include the camping in that.

And the toilets. Famous as I am for complaining about poos in toilets, you expect to see a bit of gross stuff as night falls at a festival, however for the most part they were clean. And I have to admit I did contribute to some of the nastiness and stinks in the loos. I couldn't help it, it was all that Amstel and festival food. I hadn't eaten that much fried stuff in ages.

The line up was excellent; I managed to get an earful of The Chemical Bros, Warlords of Pez, Sonic Youth, Beastie Boys, Bjork, Hot Chip, Soul II Soul (nostalgia!) Jesus and Mary Chain (super!) and a truly wonderful Dublin band called Channel One.

Only complaint? That it was impossible to see everything I wanted to see. There was so much going on, we had to make some sacrifices.

Hats off to the organisers. And not a single form in sight.

On a sad note, my sympathies go out to the family and friends of John Fitzpatrick of Cork who died suddenly on Saturday night.

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