Thursday, September 20, 2007


Aah meetings. Or group time-wasting activities as I call them. Today I had a group time-wasting activity with my bosses.

It was a meeting about a meeting.

No fucking joke.

I am now to hold monthly meetings with my staff to address issues that arise, progress updates, etc. Fucking great, eh? Especially when you consider I sit only six feet away from some of them. I know exactly which window the draughts are coming in from, how many forms were processed today, who's fighting with whom. In short, I am an omniscient overlord (BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! Kneel before me, minions!). Taking people into a meeting room and talking crap at them for half an hour is just going to slow things down.

Except I can't hold one for at least another month, as there will be at least one person on leave every single day until the third week in October.

The place might as well burn.

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