Thursday, July 9, 2009

Govstooge v the CPSU

My HEO approached me today with yet another stupid question:

HEO: Govstooge, why haven't you conducted interim PMDS reviews with your staff this summer?
Govstooge: I can't. All my staff are members of the CPSU.
HEO: So?
Govstooge: The CPSU have an embargo on PMDS since March or so of this year?
HEO: So?
Govstooge: (Jesus!) Look, if I was to ask them to fill out their self-assessment forms, I would be asking them to contravene their union's advice.
HEO: So?
Govstooge: Look, knucklehead, what I earn isn't enough to enable me to take on several hundred COs and their union officials - officials, might I add, who generally earn twice what I do.
So as far as I'm concerned PMDS is not happening this year. Haven't you heard?
HEO: No.

Govstooge: Well, maybe if you didn't have such a fetish for listening to Gerry Ryan every morning talking about his holidays and the latest Danish pastry he's shoving down his gob, you might have heard. Actually, now that I seem to know more than you do, can I have your salary?
HEO: No.
HEOs. What are they good for exactly?

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