Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Last night on TV I watched a bloke sniff his armpit as part of a dance routine. Later, I noticed that Elvis had come back to life as a fat Belgian trying to audition for Father Ted and that Freddie Mercury had also been resurrected, this time as a skinny bloke from Eastern Yurp (I can't be bothered looking up which country he was from). Not to mention the almost naked Bulgarian stiltwalkers. Or the Macedonian Bon Jovi.
If you haven't guessed already, I was watching the annual gayfest (gay as they use it in South Park) that is the Eurovision Song Contest semi final.
Is it just me or does it get worse every year? This year, the interval act was the only decent bit because it featured the Red Army Choir in nice uniforms with very, very big hats.
But the worse it gets, the more I watch it! I'm sure I'm in good company.


galwaywegian said...

That's the whole point of the thing the OhmyGodmyparaplegictonedeafgrannycoulddobetter syndrome.

BlackLOG said...

The fact that even Terry Wogan won't appear any longer speaks volumes. Get out while you can.....

Mary said...

I have been looking at it since 1984!