Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Song for Ballyfuck

I was lucky enough to find myself at a sing-song last night with a group of people, most of whom I know, in a local pub. There was a wide ranging repertoire, from rebel songs, to sea shanties to stuff from musicals. Overall, it was glorious, and being completely sober, I could enjoy it all without having to go to the toilet all the time or feeling nauseous.

When called on for my own contribution I politely declined (lack of alcohol being a factor) due to my not knowing any songs. Well, nothing that would stand up to the calibre of material being belted out by my companions. So I promised that next time I would have a couple of turns memorised.

For the record, the only songs I know from the top of my head are:
The Spongebob Squarepants Theme Song
The Accountancy Shanty, Penis Song, Every Sperm is Sacred from Monty Python's Meaning of Life
My Lovely Horse from Father Ted (The one-note version).
People are Strange by the Doors

And I forgot to mention that I don't sing them very well.
So I've got a mandate to memorise a few of Ella Fitzgerald(my favourite female vocalist)'s songs in order to fulfil my promise and impress the others.

And if I can change the lyrics to suit myself it'll be a little bit easier for me to remember them.

So far, I have in mind:

Slap that Face
Wire me to the Moon
Get Crappy
Orgy and Bess

Sorry, Ella.


Umbrella said...

Ah, the Monty Python musical library. One time on New Years, I got really drunk, and somehow ended up on stage, being asked to sing something. I froze, and spit out the first song that popped in my head, "Sit on my Face".

I was not invited back.

Mary said...

There was a favourite of mine from a little known Liverpudlian band out there in 1995 - the name of the band eludes me at the moment'
... space??

Anyway they have a lovely little ditty i often thought of singing to my own town folk, though i would probably be kicked out of the town for ever more especially if i changed the words and adapted it for local use.

The song is called 'my neigbourhood'
and it goes as follows...
'who lives in a place like this (x2)
In number 4 there lives a sadam hussein - says he's on a chore to start the fourth world war
In number 999 they make a living from crime. The house is always empty cause theyre out all the time
In number 666 there lives a mister miller he is our local vicar and a serial killer!

oh if you have time please come and stay a while in my beautiful neighbour hood...