Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Is it just me noticing this or are all work colleagues' holiday stories - especially the package holiday stories - boring as hell? I'm not a fan of package holidays myself anyway, preferring to "make my own", so maybe I'm just biased, but I find they all follow a formula as each sad looking colleague returns to a chorus of "welcome back" from more pasty faced colleagues.

I don't care about the fact that the grains of sand on the Playa de la Mierda are bigger than on the Playa de la Violencia.

I am apathetic about the standard of airline food offered on Slimeair flights to Malaga.

I am indifferent to the variety of steak and chips outlets (and the relative merits of each one) in the Algravy.

I fail to get excited when shown yet another picture of a swimming pool.

I realise the stories are sanitised so as to be inoffensive to the majority of colleagues. For instance, we are not told about the "inspection shelf" feature of many a Continental toilet (that always disturbed me). Nor are we told about the sexy stripping male bar staff in Gran Canaria, or the bad dose of the squits caught from the water in a Bodrum hotel.

Mind you, the variety of sweets and choccies abounding in the office as a result of these trips is rather pleasing, as is the box of posh truffles set aside for the EO.



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