Monday, June 30, 2008

Just an examination, just an examination

Well, I emerged unscathed from the AO exam on Saturday, despite my initial trepidation at having to spend three hours of my day off in a draughty hall in the company of civil servants, both existing and prospective.

I must say it went very well for me; I managed to tackle every question in verbal and numerical reasoning and the job simulation and even had some time left over at the end to make sure I'd filled in the right boxes on the answer form. Considering how I fared at the "examples" bit at the start, this was fortuitous.

I can never do the examples. I want to save my energy for the real thing. Three example questions which are of no consequence. I always get at least one wrong, even if it is:

"The ________ sat on the mat
(a) cat
(b) dog
(c) Taoiseach
(d) Hippy
(e) Adjustable Spanner"

"10% of 10 is
(a) 1
(b) 3
(c) half an ounce
(d) 2,086.987
(e) Hitler"

And of course, the folk administering the test will walk around and look over everyone's shoulder to see if they made the right marks. A gentle nudge from a civil servant in a very fancy shirt and a whisper in my ear, "Have another look at question two there, pet."

FUCK OFF! If I ace this exam, I will hunt you down, shiny shirted person, and I will rub my results all over your face. And I will stick your whiny feedback-y microphone where the sun doesn't shine.

Results by mid-July. I'm not going to buy the Vaseline just yet.

And in all probability, even if I do make it onto the panel, a recruitment freeze will probably put paid to my hopes of a job with no staff.

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