Tuesday, February 5, 2008


One of the more harrowing experiences of my recent trip to Dublin was this toilet door I encountered on the journey.

Seriously, what the fuck are those holes for? Lesbian toilet voyeuses? Fulfilling the need for sexual pleasure of men with multiple penises of various shapes and sizes - who just happen to have a chipboard fetish?

Either way, I finished my business as quickly as possible. The threat of another lady glancing through that aperture at me as I hovered made sure I did not linger.

I was not alone, I'm sure of it, because ALL THE FUCKING DOORS WERE LIKE THIS!!

I'm becoming very, very scared of public toilets.

Now, where's that complaint form?


Gorilla Bananas said...

I don't think lesbians are to blame. The sight of women peeing or crapping doesn't turn them on. I suspect the aim is to shock a woman doing her business by sticking a snake in front of her.

galwaywegian said...

No.it's so they can reach in and clamp you if you stay too long

Govstooge said...

Trouser snakes? I think this one might work in the Department. Too many clerical staff are extending their tea breaks in the toilets. (Why, God damn it, it stinks in there!)

Mary said...

at least they arent eating or smoking in there not like the 'cleaning ladies' of the department toilets of a particular third level institution