Thursday, May 24, 2012


Is it wrong to like Jedward? 

Answers on an old form please, or the back of a €20 note if form not available. 


Rosie said...

Maybe. I found myself passionately defending the decision to have them carry the olympic torch without realising that I had any feelings for them at all.

I sent myself straight to bed with no tea.

Ger said...

Definitely. They are what is wrong with our country. Untalented people who self promote (or in this case, hire a promotionalist)are rewarded before really talented people.

In fact, i would go to say that our recent economic crisis is a direct result of this syndrome too. David McWilliams, an economics drop-out with minimal economic experience is promoted by louis Walsh to the point where everyone accepts unquestioningly that he is an authority on economics. When the crisis hit, the government went so far as to adopt his strategy (the bank guarantee), which was great for selling papers, but not much else.

Louis Walsh promotes handsmome eejits as talent. We stupidly believe this rubbish.

Govstooge said...

That's telling me. Definitely. Maybe.
Onto the next pertinent question:

Oasis or Blur?

mazza said...

I think they fill a need for young teenagers today in that they are good clean innocent fun.