Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Department of Pedantry - in glorious fecknicolor

I stumbled on this rather hilarious website recently.

Unusable stock images? It doesn't surprise me in the least bit. I can reveal that a great number of these images were taken at the Department of Pedantry. Here's the story behind some of them.

The moment  when Govstooge realised  it was not going to be a bad day at work after all.

Nosher on laundry day.

The facilities management HEO after an argument with the canteen manager.

A novel way for civil servants to look busy.

The real reason why the photocopier's always fucked.


The Hexecutive receives her upward feedback in Govstooge's PMDS meeting.

The Secretary General announces more efficient arse-kissing procedures.

The Assistant Principal wanted everyone to know who he was, so he got a sash made up with his grade on it. Unfortunately, in his hurry to put it on, he neglected to read it.

Nosher after a tiring day.

Detachable willy fails to impress cat.

Those new cyanide-impregnated forms were going to be a roaring success.

The Chief Medical Officer awaits her meeting with yet another referred loon.

The ladies bathrooms refurbishment didn't stand a chance against the emissions from Department canteen dinners.

Gay HEO depends rather heavily on his amazing flying EO for everything.

Childhood photo of the last Department employee who tried to re-enact Columbine at the office.

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Serial Complainer said...

Welcome back, it's been too long. Be careful that Sean Sherlock doesn't kick down your door with a SOPA raid for using copyright photos.