Thursday, June 21, 2007

The secret lives of EOs

I was at work at 8 a.m. yesterday. 8 FUCKING A.M.! People are starting to think I live in the Department. Now there's a scary thought. I might actually be found out.

It is actually possible to live in the Department. There are dozens of toilets, you could crap in a different one every day for a month. There are showers on site, even hair dryers. You could fill yourself up in the canteen by day and sleep under your desk at night. For entertainment you could play DVDs on your PC.

There are certain practicalities, however, that must be looked into. For instance, how would you wash and dry your clothes? You would have to wash them in the sinks, and hang them out the windows to dry, or hang them from the walls of the cube farms. You would have be careful, co workers finding bras and socks hanging from the walls would soon realise that there is a hobo EO in their midst. Plus, given the minimal amount of space we mere mortals who share an open-plan office are allocated, it would be hard to keep all the necessities of life hidden from prying eyes, things like irons, home gym equipment, film DVDs, empty beer cans, unwashed socks and dildoes (!).

Bollocks, I can't even have mates over.

Time to move I think!

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